Avaya Flare Experience

Avaya Flare Experience Avaya Flare (iPad)

The Avaya Flare Experience is an easy-to-use interface with one-click access to real-time, enterprise-wide audio, video, and web collaboration.

Stay connected to your colleagues, partners, and customers while on the go.
See who is available with presence, send an IM or email, or let people know your status and availability. Our intuitive drag-and-drop experience integrates directories, contextual history, social media, and more.
Plan a conference by sending out invites. Or, start an impromptu conference using the contact list. During a conference, manage everything with built-in controls:
  • Click an icon to escalate audio to point-to-point, or multi-party video, or start web collaboration.
  • Access contacts, enterprise directories, and preferences via the contact fan.
  • View a roster of participants and active speakers.
  • Upload and share documents from the library and online repository makes it fast.
  • Share desktops, applications, or the whiteboard.
  • Take notes and minutes.

Available on the Desktop, Dedicated Video Conferencing Device, iPad & Android.